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DP Saddlery is simply the best of the best. Comfortable for horse and rider, yet so elegant and unique in appearance. Lilly Tay was incredibly helpful and kind throughout the entire saddle fitting and purchasing process. This saddle is absolutely a dream come true!


First, I would like to say that I fell in love with several models in the DP saddle line. These were the first saddles I had come across that I felt were as much art as functional tack.  I am extremely excited to get my new saddle. When I first started looking at DP saddles, I checked out several US dealer sites and originally contacted Lilly Tay because of their website. I didn't realize the saddles on the site weren't in stock, and that they were special ordered. So that’s how someone from North Carolina ended up ordering through a dealer in Texas.

And I wouldn’t change that for anything. Ria has been nothing short of amazing. As of today, our email exchanges total 113 (113!). From saddle fitting guides to ordering and returning a demo saddle to ordering the final saddle, Ria has been an unstoppable force. She has fielded innumerable inane questions from me while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism. She has never failed to return communication with the utmost promptness. My husband and I recently had the conversation about how hard it is these days to come by people in the business world who actually do what they say they will. Ria has gone above and beyond any expectations I could have had. She has been a joy to work with, and I just wanted someone to know that.  

I’m already plotting and scheming how I can order another DP saddle model next year (in my head I can see my husband clutching his chest with heart palpitations. Don’t feel too bad for him; he knew what he was getting into). And I will be going straight to Ria to order. Thank you for such a wonderful saddle buying experience and thank you in advance for such a wonderful saddle!


Ryan H.