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Saddle Brand Buying Guide & Checklist FAQ's

A guide to choosing the right saddle brand to buy from

This guide is definitely a must-have when buying a saddle. Whether you are buying a used saddle or buying a new saddle. You shouldn’t buy anything without reading this short guide.

Who are this guide and checklist for? 

This guide and checklist are for every horse owner, whether you are actively searching for a saddle to buy right now, thinking of buying a saddle in the future, or have bought a saddle in the past. No matter what part of the saddle-buying process you are in this guide and checklist can help you. 

Why do I need this guide and checklist? 

This guide and checklist were created to help you make the right choice when you are trying to find a saddle brand to purchase from. We know how time-consuming and frustrating it can be to choose a saddle to buy, so we created this to help you make your saddle choice list a little shorter, save you thousands in saddles by making sure you make the right choice before purchasing a saddle you can’t return, and ensure you are only purchasing from the best brands. This guide will break down not only the important points from the checklist but why each point is so crucial in your search and may explain why you could have had trouble with your saddle search in the past. 

Are this guide and checklist only good if I am shopping with Lilly Tay?

No! Here at Lilly Tay we make sure all the brands we work with can pass this checklist before working with them, But you can use this guide and checklist for any other brand you are interested in and the criteria still apply. These points are things that you should always look at and never settle on if a brand does not meet these criteria because these are factors that will determine whether you have a long-lasting saddle that will help you and your horse or a saddle that will not last very long and can cause you more headache.