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Types Of Saddles

Saddles come in different variations and have different purposes, when choosing the right saddle the type of saddle matters just as much as the positioning because depending on what activities your trying to achieve you must have the saddle that is most suitable for you. There are 3 main types of saddles the Western, English, and Australian Stock Saddle. Listed below will be a quick guide to these saddles and their sub types, although there are more factors to consider when picking the right saddle this will just give you a few things about each.

 1. Western Saddles:

  • Roping Saddle-Are a heavy, sturdy saddle that usually has a thicker horn for securing a rope, low cantle, and slick fork that allows rider to dismount  quickly when needed.
  • Rodeo Riding Saddle-Are hornless, deep seated saddle with wide swells, having small fenders with oxbow style stirrups.
  • Cutting Saddle-Has a deep seat and wide swells which helps the rider to sit deep and securely through sharp stops and turns,
  • Reining Saddle- This saddle has a deep seat and swinging fenders which gives the rider more leg movement.
  • Barrel Racing Saddle-Is a light weight saddle with wide swells and high cantle which allows the rider to sit securely but also the ability to sit securely. For the horse this saddle lets the horse perform fast sprints and sharp turns.
  • Endurance Saddle-Are lighter weight than most western saddles but don't usually have horns. It has a tree that distributes the riders weight evenly on the horses back. Compared to western saddles its stirrups hang a little further forward, and is designed for long rides at slower speeds.
  • Trail Saddle-Designed for the riders comfort and the fitness for the horse.
  • Show Saddle-Are based on roping, cutting, or other trees but is identified by the additional leather tooling and silver decoration.This saddle gives the appearance of a smooth ride.

2. English Saddles:

  • All Purpose Saddle-Were developed to work with tasks like umping a fence but also for riding on flat surfaces. This type of saddle has a deep seat with a long forward flap.
  • Jumping Saddle- Is designed for show jumping, hunt seat equitation, fox hunting, and the cross country phases of events.
  • Dressage Saddle-Is similarly designed to the jumping saddle but it has a longer, very straight-cut flap, this accommodates the longer leg position of a dressage rider. Also this seat is usually much deeper and the billets are very long to allow the girth to be buckled near the horses elbow rather than underneath the the rider's leg. But some dressage saddles come with shorter bills.
  • Saddle Seat Saddle-  This is a variation of the English show saddle, The seat of this saddle.
  • Endurance Saddle-This saddle is used for long distance competition of endurance riding . Its main purpose is to give the rider and the horse comfort and balance needed to endure rides along rough terrain and long time periods.
  • English Showing Saddle-Is designed to show off the horse's physique, so that is why it has a close fit and straight-cut flap. This saddle doesn't really support the rider because it is very flat and there are no knee or thigh rolls
  •  Side Saddle-This saddle has one stirrup leather and two pommels, there are some saddles with only one pommel but they are considered unsafe. The two pommels allows the rider to stay in place when riding and jumping. Most side saddles are very flat with a small curved pommel and long raised cantle on the off side of the saddle to support the rider.
  • Racing Saddle-Is designed to be lightweight and have little to no interference with a running horse. it has a long seat with no dip to it, forward flaps and short stirrups. It also stops interference with the rider by having a flat pommel and cantle. The saddle doesn't give the rider much freedom and control of the horse and the horse doesn't get back protection from the rider but the horse does get freedom to move at it's max speed.
  • Polo Saddle- Is designed specifically for the game of polo, it has a flat seat and long .straight saddle pads to help with the longer leg position.