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What is DP Saddlery’s Adjustable Gullet Feature?

The Adjustable Gullet feature is a system that has been added to the saddle during production. This feature is adjusted with a Allen wrench and it gives the rider the freedom to adjust the gullet of the saddle whenever they need to. So lets say that you have multiple horses or maybe you have had just one and now you're thinking of getting another; well you run into the problem of “now I need another saddle” or even worse “2 more saddles".

 I know the first problem you run into is cost; trying to buy multiple saddles or even new saddles can be very costly but with this feature we are able to take out so much headache that comes along with fitting a new horse. This feature allows you to adjust the width of the gullet as wide or as narrow that you need it to be to accommodate any horse you decide to ride on and you won't lose any of that comfort and fit that you have with your new DP saddle.

How do I get this feature on my saddle?

 The saddles that offer this feature are Quantum, Baroque, English, and Flex-Fit Saddles, so this means any of these saddles will have the Adjustable Gullet Feature embedded in the saddle with no extra cost to you !

How do I know what saddle size I need?

  • S1 approximately 16.5 inches (comparable to 15" Western or 16.5" English)
  • S2 approximately 17.5 inches (comparable to 16" Western or 17.5" English)
  • S3 approximately 18 inches (comparable to 17" Western or 18.5" English)
  • S4 approximately 19 inches (comparable to 18" Western or 19.5" English)

(S4 is a special order only, not available on all models. Exclusions are the following models: 1113 Doma, 1212 El Campo, 1211 El Campo Shorty, 1216 Quantum  Western Short & Light, 1214 Quantum Short & Light and all saddles with Leather trees)

If you are still having trouble picking the right seat size send an email to and our team will send you the forms to help make sure you get the right fit for you and your horse. Once the forms are completed and submitted we will reach out to you with the results of you fitting.

Allow for 2-3 business days to hear back from a representative with your results

What if I need a different size ?

Once you receive your saddle you have 14 days from the moment you receive the saddle to let us know so we can exchange your saddle for a better size fit or a different saddle . If we find that our saddle is not for you, we can issue a refund but we believe in these saddles and we don't think they will disappoint you.


  • I need a saddle that fits my horse. Today I was told by a message therapist that my horses spine is wide and the saddle I use sits on the spine. She said I needed a wider spine gullet. I sure need help. I also can’t spend a huge amount of money on a saddle or my husband will freak out. Thank You

    Roxanne Cupit
  • I have a draft, would need 9" gullet, does the gullet adjust to that width on your saddles?

    Claire M Jewess

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