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Saddle Financing

Great News ! Lillytay now offers financing for all of our saddles !

So what does this mean? Well we have partnered with United Midwest Savings Bank to get you this great opportunity where you can make monthly payments to pay off your beautiful saddle with no money down today.

All you have to do is...

1. Find what saddle that you want on our website

2. Click here and fill about the application to see if you qualify 
IMPORTANT: You will need our merchant number when applying for financing.  Lillytay Merchant ID #: 2545

3. Wait to hear back from UMSB to see if you are approved!

We recommend sending us a email at to make sure the saddle you are looking at is still in stock before applying for financing .

Here are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions/Important information:

  • When you apply for financing your credit will be checked to be considered for saddle financing. 
  • Saddles are NONREFUNDABLE if being paid for with financing

1. What saddles are eligible for financing?
All saddles on our site as long as they are currently in stock, send us a email before applying to make sure the saddle you want is still available.

2. Do I have to pay anything today?
No! All you have to do is apply and wait for approval to get your saddle financed.

3. Can I make a small payment towards my saddle? 
yes, if you would like to make a payment towards the saddle to make the remaining balance smaller you can just add that amount when applying for your saddle.

4. How much interest will I have to pay each month?
For DP saddles we have given you a special interest rate of only 12.99% for all other saddles the rate is 14.99%. 

5. What is the maximum cost my saddle can be financed for? How long do I have to make monthly payments for my saddle once I am approved for financing? 
$6,000 . You have up to 60 months to pay for your saddle

6. Do I still get a trial period for my saddle? 
Yes, but it will only be 7 days from the date you receive it. (DP Saddles ONLY)

7. What if I want to cancel my application? 
You have up to 30 days to cancel your funding and saddle order


If you have any other questions related to financing or available saddles email us at