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  • How To Spot A Poorly Fitting Saddle

    Get to grips with the subtle signs that your saddle isn’t fitting right! Learn what to look for to make sure your saddle is the best fit for you and your horse to unlock your full potential.
  • Understanding Your Horse's Behavior: Is It a Problem or Pain?

    This blog helps owners tell if their horse's actions stem from common behavior problems, such as fear or biting, or if they might indicate pain, advising careful observation, vet consultation, and appropriate training for a happy and trusting horse.
  • Can Any Saddle Fit Any Horse?

    This blog post will touch on an explanation on a question asked online about "can any saddle fit any horse". It goes into detail about this answer with examples and frequently asked questions to give you more information related to saddle fitting.
  • Do You Want To Finance Your Saddle Today?

    Have you heard?! Lillytay is now offering financing for all of our saddles ! So what does this mean? Well we have partnered with United Midwest Sav...
  • 5 Ways DP Saddles Will Benefit You !

    This post will tell you 5 of the many reasons why a DP saddle is best for you!
  • What is DP Saddlery’s Adjustable Gullet Feature?

    This post will explain to you what DP Saddlery's Adjustable Gullet feature is and how it will benefit you in all your riding adventures!